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Website Wednesday: Fuel Your Writing

In online resources, Website Wednesday on July 28, 2010 at 5:00 am

I came across Fuel Your Writing through a link on Twitter a few weeks ago.  Fuel Your Writing is a site with frequent posts on motivations tips and strategies for writers in a variety of genres.  Blog posts on the site cover such topics as:

  • Running and Writing: “Runners and writers are very much alike. They are both, in essence, solitary characters, often confined to long, lonely hours of mental or physical exertion, in order to achieve their goals.”
  • Taking a Writing Sabbatical: “I put down my pen, and closed my journal. What followed was relief. For too long I had lost sight as to why I loved writing in the first place. Though it may sound like a cliché, this statement reins true, when writing stops being fun, then stop writing.”
  • Writing and Negativity: “While most of us do our best to build each other up, others insist on destroying morale with their negativity.”

Although the site is primarily for fiction writers, freelancers, and bloggers, I have found some great motivational insights among the posts.

If you find any especially motivating articles at Fuel Your Writing, post links to them in the comments section below.


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