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Website Wednesday: The Thesis Whisperer

In online resources, Website Wednesday on August 4, 2010 at 5:00 am

The Thesis Whisperer is another one of my Twitter finds.  Not only does @thesiswhisperer have great writing tips on Twitter, but the blog is also a great resource for PhD candidates who are trying to finish their dissertations.

With categories like on writing, getting things done, and you and your supervisor, the blog has a wide variety of informational posts that focus on motivating and encouraging dissertation writers.

A few of my favorite post:

  • Five ways to kill your darlings: “Sooner or later each thesis writer finds themselves holding the knife – the virtual one of course. I’m talking about the process of cutting words out of your thesis or dissertation text.”
  • Learning from “Avatar”: “A thesis text is kind of like an avatar. It ‘stands in’ for your scholarly self and ‘speaks’ your knowledge and capability as a scholar (to the reader – and the  examiner) when you aren’t there.”
  • Are you addicted to your PhD?: “If consuming the information is not as addictive as looking for it, could it be that the act of searching out articles is a ‘fix’ that we start craving? If you can’t stop searching for articles – and don’t spend time reading them – are you hooked on your PhD?”

The Thesis Whisperer also has a helpful Facebook page that includes posts in addition to the blog.

If you find any especially motivating articles at The Thesis Whisperer, post links to them in the comments section below.


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