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Website Wednesday: Write Anything

In online resources, Website Wednesday on August 25, 2010 at 5:00 am

Like a lot of the websites for writers that I’ve discussed on TD:D, Write Anything is not a blog primarily for dissertation writers.  But dissertation writers can learn a lot from fiction writers, so think about checking out some of the following posts:

  • Routines and Ruts by Dale Challener Roe: “A routine is good. But a routine shouldn’t be so important that it becomes stifling. Then it’s a rut. Routine brings order to a day. A rut controls it.”
  • The Dark Side of Writing by Andrea Allison: “Don’t pay someone to do something that you can do yourself such as editing. You took the time to write it. Therefore, take the time to edit it (this is where writing groups come in handy).”
  • Navigating the White Space Below by Claudia: “Revisionitis is a potentially debilitating condition; one that makes the sufferer stare blankly at the blinking, indented cursor for hours at a time while internally battling the overwhelming desire to go back (‘Just a few pages this time, I promise’) and revise what’s already been written rather than forging ahead.”
  • Knowing Your Process: Where by Jodi Cleghorn: “I’ve been writing on the hop throughout the day, squeezing this article into the gaps of an unexpected day off with my partner while our son was at school (it happens once in a blue moon!) You could say I’m rather flexible when it comes to the where of writing, but there is more to “where” than just the place you are sitting typing.”

If you find any additional helpful posts at Write Anything, make sure to post them in the comments section below.


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