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TD:D Blog Carnival: Volume 4, Edition 3

In online resources, TD:D Blog Carnival on October 22, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Welcome to another edition of the TD:D Blog Carnival!

Sorry for the late post, folks.  I’ve been traveling a bit lately and away from my computer.  Fortunately, I was able to squirrel away a few minutes today to share these great posts with you!

Enjoy the posts below and make sure to check back next week for another edition.

New (to me) Writing Websites to Check Out

Confident Writing by Joanna Paterson

“I create writing spaces that give you some ‘time out’ in order to start writing or get back into a writing practice.”

Daily Writing Tips by Maeve, Ali, Simon, and Daniel

“Whether you are an attorney, manager or student, writing skills are essential to your success. The rise of the information age – with the proliferation of e-mails, blogs and social networks – makes the ability to write clear, correct English more important than ever. Daily Writing Tips is about that.”

Manage Your Writing by Kenneth Davis

“In this knowledge economy, writing is the chief value-producing activity. But you may not be writing as well as you could. That may be because you think writing requires a special talent. In fact, writing is a process that can be managed, like any other business process. If you can manage people, money, or time—then you can manage your writing.”

Getting It Done

How to Show Up and Write by Taylor Lindstrom

“Write every day. Write at the same time. Write for hours. Write for 20 minutes. Just show up and write. You’ve heard this advice before and you haven’t taken it yet. You meant to. But you haven’t.”

Future Me by Nancy Whichard

“How do you keep focused on your writing goal?  Our Lizard Brains can make it all too easy to let a goal slip, and with each deadline or marker you miss, it’s that much longer before you finish your dissertation.”

For Fun

The Dissertation Diet by Alice

“Writing a dissertation can be an overwhelming, trying, and totally maddening experience. If you find yourself up late at night in a moment of desperation Googling “dissertation depression” (yes, it’s true, I had this experience), then you know you’re in trouble.”

The TD:D blog carnival is published weekly on Thursdays.

If you would like to submit a post for the TD:D blog carnival, email your link to tododissertation[at]gmail[dot]com by the previous Wednesday at noon.


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