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TD:D Blog Carnival: Volume 6, Edition 3

In TD:D Blog Carnival on December 17, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Welcome to another edition of the TD:D Blog Carnival!

I hope that you are all taking some time to rest and enjoy the holiday season with family and friends. If you have some writing goals this Winter, check out the posts below for some helpful hints.

Enjoy this week’s posts and make sure to check back next week in two weeks for another edition.

This New Research Helps You to Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing by Darko

“Procrastination is a topic commonly discussed in the writer’s community. Yet, when it comes to the evidence presented to back up specific claims on procrastination, it all comes down to opinions. No specific studies are mentioned nor the things we can learn from these studies. Maybe because people aren’t aware of them.”

How to Write Forever by Doing the Impossible by Joel Runyon

“Occasionally, I hit a spot where I just don’t feel like writing and nothing seems to flow. I’ll want to write forever, but I start 4 or 5 different pieces and they all end up incomplete. I can’t really get behind anything and every time I sit down to write and I’m just full of blah.”

One of the Best Writing Tips Ever: Spin Class! by Holly Robinson

“Two of the most common questions people ask writers are: (1) When do you write? And (2) what do you do if you get writer’s block? When I see these questions headed my way — whether from a friend, a student, a book club member, or a radio talk show host — I freeze like a possum crossing in front of a bicycle.”

The TD:D blog carnival is published weekly on Thursdays.

If you would like to submit a post for the TD:D blog carnival, email your link to tododissertation[at]gmail[dot]com by the previous Wednesday at noon.


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