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TD:D Blog Carnival: Volume 7, Edition 1

In TD:D Blog Carnival on January 31, 2011 at 5:00 am

Welcome to another edition of the TD:D Blog Carnival!

I’m happy with just getting one edition of the blog carnival out this month, but I hope to be writing more in February.  Stay tuned for a blog post this Thursday (2/3) on What The Goonies Taught Me About Dissertation Writing.

Enjoy this week’s posts and make sure to check back next week  for another edition.

Why You’re Only 1/4 of A Writer And How to Make You Whole Again by Ollin Morales

“About a year ago, when I decided to sit down and write my first novel, my biggest problem with the writing process wasn’t that I was a bad ‘proofreader,’ or a bad ‘goal-setter,’ or a bad ‘blog monetizer.’ No, my biggest problem with the writing process was… my life.”

Dealing with Your Emotions as You Write by Ollin Morales

“Sometimes we just have to learn how to deal with our emotions in a healthy manner, so that they don’t build up and get in the way of our writing.”

Flipping the Mental Switch for Success by Trent Hamm

“If I have one single piece of career advice to give to anyone, it’s this: figure out how to get in the zone and do it as often as possible. If you can do that, everything else really is secondary. You will find success.”

How to Set Goals that Make Sense: A Writer’s Perspective by Linda Formichelli

“Twice a year, in December and June, I work on my “life plan”: It’s like a business plan, but it encompasses career/finances, health, relationships, and volunteering. Each section includes a brief mission statement, a bullet-point list of goals, a bullet-point list of obstacles to those goals, and a paragraph or two where I brainstorm ways around or through those obstacles.”

Just a Suggestion… by ProtoScholar

“Any time you feel like you can’t get through your dissertation, go read someone else’s.”

The Top Bloggers for Writers 2010/2011 by Write to Done

“And now is the time to reveal the winners of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. There’s some serious gold here, folks!”

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