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TD:D Blog Carnival: Volume 8, Edition 1

In TD:D Blog Carnival, Uncategorized on March 1, 2011 at 6:42 pm

Welcome to another edition of the TD:D Blog Carnival!

I successfully defended in February, so that is my excuse for an extended absence on the blog – and my justification for such a huge amount of posts in this blog carnival edition!

Enjoy this week’s posts and make sure to check back soon for another edition.

Time Management

3 Ways to Become Better at Time Management by Daniel Wood

“Even though multitasking, relaxing and other shortcuts might feel as though they save time, working focused on one task at a time and obeying the rules of Time Management, is the real time saver.”

17 Ways to Be the Early Bird by Craig Jarrow

“People tell me they don’t have enough time.  They say they are always late. That they cannot get their work done on schedule.  When I hear this, I challenge them to get ahead of the game.  One of the first steps is to become the Early Bird.”

The Writing Life

The Guilt-Ridden Writer’s Confession by Robert Bruce

“Writing is a strange and dangerous calling.  I do mean calling. Like Burrough’s word virus, the craft of writing compels us to it in a way that is beyond our ability to resist.”

The Mind-Bending Paradox of Getting Published by Ollin Morales

“Other than the pure delight of pouring words onto a blank screen, we writers have one thing in common.  And it’s huge.  It’s the dream of getting published.  We all have it in one form or another.”


5 Steps to Get Out of a Funk, Fast by Melissa Gorzelanczyk

“Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Start off on the wrong foot?  Shaking that funky feeling can be tough, especially if you’re pressed for time. We still have to love our children, get ready for work and set out to do something amazing.”

How to Survive Your Worst Writing Day Ever by Ollin Morales

“It’s official. You are now experiencing YOUR WORST WRITING DAY EVER.  Whatever you do: DON’T. PANIC.”

Blood, Sweat, and Words: How Badly Do You Want This? by Mary Jaksch

“The idea for this post hit me today when I was at the gym, sweating profusely. There’s something about taking yourself to the wall, to the point of the sweet pain that signals you’ve given it everything.”


The Simple Guide to Doing Everything by Matt Madeiro

Stop. Breathe. Smile. That’s not the big secret here, nor the great punchline of this post. It’s not the message, in other words, that I want to convey — but it is the set of words I’ve had on repeat for about two weeks.”

It’s Time to Finish Your Book: 9 Productivity Tips for Writers by Joanna Penn

“Life is full of distractions and our writing time can be eaten away if we don’t impose some discipline. We find our work in progress or book idea has sat unfinished for too long and that’s just depressing.”

The Writer, Unplugged by Melanie Benjamin

“I’m feeling a familiar itch, as of late.  It’s a nagging, anxious, running-to-keep up feeling; a sense that I’ll never get to where I’m going. I can’t relax, can’t settle down to any real work. I hit ‘refresh’ on my computer hour after hour after hour. Sometimes minute after minute after minute.”

  1. Great articles here:). And a HUGE congratulations on successfully defending your dissertation!!! You’re truly an inspiration 🙂 I’m wishing you the best as you go forward.

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