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Where We Go From Here

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To Do: Dissertation is a blog that was created in the Spring of 2010 to offer supportive and encouraging suggestions for dissertation writers across disciplines.  The primary goal of the To Do: Dissertation blog is to talk realistically about practical steps that dissertation writers could take to finish their writing and take satisfaction and pride in their process and final product.

Unfortunately, once the author of TD:D finished her dissertation and started a full-time job in the Spring of 2011, she didn’t have the time to post regularly to TD:D anymore.  Rather than leave the blog to languish, she chose to edit and publish the tips and suggestions that she created over time in ebook form.  You can find out more about her reasons for doing this here.

The first two ebooks, Tea-Time Tips and Suggestions and 101 Daily Dissertation Writing Tips are both available as Kindle editions.  A third book, To Do: Dissertation will be the final product of the blog and is coming to Amazon soon (All original posts written by the creator of the blog can now be found in the Kindle edition To Do: Dissertation).

However, TD:D will remain up and running because there are some very important posts still to be found on this website:

– guest posts and reviews

– blog carnival posts

– website recommendations

As well, guest posts for TD:D are still being accepted and will be added to the blog as long as guest authors are interested in submitting posts about their tips and suggestions for successful dissertation writing.  Make sure to click on Archives to read the most recent posts.

Most recent guest post: Writing Rituals

To submit a post, email


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